1. 20The Brand Bar is Now Open for Business


Whewww. We are live!

I am so humbled by all the interest and support I have received regarding this little labor of love. I have been thinking about this concept for quite some time now and I am excited (and nervous) to see how it will be received now that it’s been unveiled. While I absolutely love working together with my custom design clients to build their dream brands from the ground up, I also understand that the custom process might not be for everyone and for a variety of different reasons. During my time as the owner of Salted Ink, I have also met so many potential clients that either needed a brand yesterday, have a more modest budget and/or are totally intimidated by the uncertainty of the custom branding process. So I wanted to create a little marketplace where I could try to service those clients a bit better without sacrificing distinction, quality or style with their branding solution.

And at the same time, as a brand designer I constantly have ideas that might not be a fit for any of my custom clients at the time but would hit the nail on the head for some hardworking fellow entrepreneur out there in search of the perfect brand. So I thought, maybe…just maybe I can create some pretty awesome brands that are a complete turn key package (from business card designs to cohesive social media collateral) and they will find a forever home with some amazing business owner out there through the creation of The Brand Bar.

Unlike many of the pre-made logos out there, I really wanted to make The Brand Bar Brands only available for purchase by one person/business. So if you find a brand that speaks to you and fits your business, it’s truly yours. And we spend time custom fitting your new brand so it works for you. Most importantly you are purchasing a full brand, not just a logo. From your submarks to your coordinating business cards and social media collateral, we provide a complete and thoughtfully crafted brand package ready for you to use in 10 business days or less. Pretty cool right?

If you are picking up what we are putting down, you can head on over to the site and check out our inventory. If you don’t see anything that fits your vision, please keep checking back as we plan to keep the inventory coming!

  • Dionne Kathleen

    I’m Sooooooo Loving this!! I myself am still in search of ways to add this kind of concept designing to my business. It’s quite overwhelming, but in the end so worth it! By the way. I LOVE your work!

  • Jasmine

    I love this idea. I’m starting a design business and was wondering if I could implement this type of marketplace. It’s nice to know it is possible!