2. 19Introducing Buxton Grady

I’ve been gone for a few months but there is a cute reason behind my little sabbatical. We welcomed this guy into the world on November 22, 2016 and we couldn’t be more grateful to be blessed with another healthy baby boy. Buxton Grady Dart came a week early but he was ready since he came out just shy of 9lbs. These past 3 months have been a sleepless blur but we are finally getting on a vague schedule and enjoying the occasional solid night of sleep. I am excited to get back to designing in March with this little one and his big brother right beside me – or more like when they decide to nap at the same time or when Marshall is at school. Here is a little glimpse into our new crazy world as a new family of 4. Thank you Stephanie of Peepsake Photography for capturing these priceless photos of our family once again!

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