Print Management Services  \\

You finally have your awesome new brand designed and ready to go and now you need to get everything printed….

In my branding package, I include the delivery of print ready pdf files for you to take to your local or online printer for those clients that are familiar with the process and feel comfortable seeing it through themselves.  However, I know many of my branding clients are busy running their businesses and the last thing you may want to do is hunt around for a printer, get quotes, understand bleeds, decide on paper types – all those lovely things that come with the printing process.  For this reason, I offer to help manage the ever-so-lovely printing process for you, package your printed goodies up, and deliver them to you door.  I also like to see the project through and make sure the final printed form of your branding material looks awesome.  Here’s the skinny…

What is included in this service:

  • Printing recommendations and communication with printers
  • Print quotes for all print materials and multiple vendors in one estimate from Salted Ink
  • Packaged and sent to your door
  • Information for reorders directly from the print vendors used is included so you do not have to go through me to reorder your materials

Cost of service:

100$ per order per printer plus all shipping fees both ways. If several printing companies are used for a project, $50 per each additional printing company is added to the cost of this service.

Print Management Service Disclosure:

 I work with a variety of printing and promotional product vendors and do my very best to find the printer best suited for your project.  However, the printing process is not perfect and colors, paper, and quality vary from printer to printer.  If you are unhappy with your end product upon delivery, I will assist you in contacting the appropriate printer and asking for a resolution.  If you are still unsatisfied with the printers response to your complaint, Salted Ink cannot be held responsible and does not provide refunds for printing projects.  Regardless of whether you are printing your goods on your own or using my print management services, I always highly recommend that you order hard proofs when available to avoid and/or troubleshoot issues before the whole batch is printed.  By moving forward with this process, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to these terms.