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Vivian James Real Estate



This brand is custom designed by Grit and Wit Design

This clean, fresh look is perfect for a real estate company wanting to break out of the traditional mold. Vivian James is a modern design sure to attract clients with taste as great as your own! This identity system comes with a beautiful, iconic primary logo, as well as secondary marks for flexibility within usage. The watercolor pattern file color can be changed to fit the purchasing clients needs and adjustments to the overall color palette are an option as well. Business name will be updated upon purchase. Break out of the typical real estate industry look and show a little personality with this fun, yet professional brand. Did we mention you get your semi-custom design in less than 10 days?


All logo variations and submark files show in EPS, JPG and PNG file formats. Color palette and guide. Pattern files in EPS, JPG and PNG file formats. Business and Notecard files in EPS format or prepared for print in PDF format for your printer of choice. Social media profile images in 3 colors, Facebook cover & 3 custom app button designs and a twitter banner design. Font suggestions. One round of revisions to proofs are included.


All font files, stock photography and printing services are not included in the purchase of any brand from The Brand Bar. Any handwritten brands will vary due to the custom nature of the brand design. All payments are made via PayPal. Please review How it Works and our Terms & Conditions before applying to purchase.

  • Main Logo
  • Main logo with variations on light
  • Main logo with variations on dark
  • Branded Pattern/Texture 2
  • Branded Pattern 1
  • Branded card design option 1
  • branded card design option 2
  • branded notecard design
  • branded social media collateral
  • Sample Color Palette - This Can be changed for client