2. 19Introducing Buxton Grady

I’ve been gone for a few months but there is a cute reason behind my little sabbatical. We welcomed this guy into the world on November 22, 2016 and we couldn’t be more grateful to be blessed with another healthy baby boy. Buxton Grady Dart came a week early but he was ready since he came out just shy of 9lbs. These past 3 months have been a sleepless blur but we are finally getting on a vague schedule and enjoying the occasional solid night of sleep. I am excited to get back to designing in March with this little one and his big brother right beside me – or more like when they decide to nap at the same time or when Marshall is at school. Here is a little glimpse into our new crazy world as a new family of 4. Thank you Stephanie of Peepsake Photography for capturing these priceless photos of our family once again!

11. 18Brand Launch: Wanderlux Beauty Co.


Wanderlux was a bit of a style shift for me compared to a lot of my recent projects and I LOVED it.  Working with these awesome colors and putting together this challenging new hand lettered style that I really hadn’t done before (amen for the ipad pro and ipad pencil) was just what I needed. It’s different, wild, a bit messy and full of boho chic vibrant tones. Jessica, owner and licensed esthetician, was a pleasure to work with and had a great vision for her new brand that made this such a refreshing project. We started with our inspiration board and applied the overall style to everything we did throughout her new brand. From the starry, grunge overlays to the modern “W” element for her pop-up events portion of her business – you can check out our entire process below.

The Brand Inspirationwanderluxbrandmoodcarpet  /  clip  /  sneaky-veg  /  wallpaper  /  texture  /  globe  /  room

The Logo Concepts


The Final Brand Board


Print and Social Media Design


11. 15Brand Launch: Rebecca Jaynes


As I wait for this baby to get here, I am finally getting around to sharing some of the beautiful brands I launched earlier this year. I had the privilege of working with the wonderfully talented and so sweet Rebecca Abram, founder of Rebecca Jaynes Beauty Health and Wellness Salon in the UK this past spring/summer. I am so grateful she trusted me to lead her complete brand overhaul for her already successful beauty business. Her awesome new salon space with exposed rustic wood beams, white walls and feminine interior touches inspired the new look. We designed a new logo, color palette, print material, social presence and fully customized WordPress website in the process and it fit her timeless vision just perfectly. Here are some snapshots of our process and final products. You can also check out her site live at rebecca-jaynes.com.

Setting the Mood


room  /  clouds  /  candle  /  the fresh light  /  melody hansen  /  shoes  /  nails

The final brand design


Branded Print Material and Social Media Identity


A look inside the beautiful Rebecca Jayne’s Space




Custom Designed and Developed WordPress Website



10. 7The Scott Brothers and SB Entertainment Hand Lettered Brand by Salted Ink


It was such a huge honor to be asked to design a couple hand lettered logos for these crazy talented brothers. You may know Drew and Jonathan Scott from their hit HGTV series Property Brothers and the multiple spinoffs like Buying + Selling and Brother vs. Brother just to name a couple. But like me, you may not have been aware of the empire they have built that spans far beyond their hit shows on the popular home and garden network.

From the Scott Living Home Collection to a New York Times best sellers book, these guys are a seriously successful and busy band of brothers. The Scott Brothers Lifestyle Brand and Scott Brothers Entertainment are the entities under which all of this creativeness lives and I had the opportunity to work on the logo development of both. I am so excited to share the final “The Scott Brothers” logo as well as the corresponding logo for “SB Entertainment,” their independent production company. Both logos are live on their sites and here are a few shots of the final product.


5. 23Brand Launch: Ali Baldassare


I had the privilege to work with the this strong, sexy and talented lady on her new brand development this past fall and I just love how it all came together. Ali is a nationally certified and trained Pilates and fitness instructor & an ACE certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist transforming her clients lives up in Boston MA. She really wanted a fierce yet feminine new look and her awesome photo shoot by the talented Lucie Wicker Photography just fits her new vibe perfectly. Here’s a peek into our design process…

The Brand Inspiration


woman  //  pattern //  ar  //  texture  //  nyc  //  kayli  // woman



Final Brand



3. 2Luxe Events Business Card collaboration with Swell Press Paper Co.

I shared the Luxe Events brand launch on the blog last week just before we had these beauties printed. But when I saw the final product, I thought they deserved a post all to themselves.

We sent Brittany, super sweet owner of Swell Press Paper, our design files for the business card and she really made it happen. Not only did she stunningly letterpress print these bad boys, she also hand watercolored the brush stroke making each card a unique work of art. These cards perfectly reflect the creative love that Jenny and Cara put into each wedding they design and will undoubtably make a lasting first impression on every lucky recipient.


2. 22Brand Launch: Luxe Events


I am SO excited to share this gorgeous new brand that the super talented girls of Luxe Events and I have been working on these past few months. Jenny and Cara, the creative and oh-so organized powerhouse duo behind Luxe out in San Diego, were the coolest and sweetest clients I could have ask for. Their style is completely on point and their kindness and enthusiasm throughout the project made this transformation one of my favorites to date. These girls are simply the best at what they do and I would totally hire them in a heartbeat. We invite you to check out the final brand development and their beautiful new home on the web along with a peek into our creative process in the snapshots below. I hope you love it as much as we do!

Color Inspiration


art   |   knobs   |   floral   |   The Oliver   |   art   |   No 4   |   Plates

Concept Development

LuxeBrandConcepts LuxeBrandBoard

Brand Collateral



Custom WordPress Website Design + Development


1. 20The Brand Bar is Now Open for Business


Whewww. We are live!

I am so humbled by all the interest and support I have received regarding this little labor of love. I have been thinking about this concept for quite some time now and I am excited (and nervous) to see how it will be received now that it’s been unveiled. While I absolutely love working together with my custom design clients to build their dream brands from the ground up, I also understand that the custom process might not be for everyone and for a variety of different reasons. During my time as the owner of Salted Ink, I have also met so many potential clients that either needed a brand yesterday, have a more modest budget and/or are totally intimidated by the uncertainty of the custom branding process. So I wanted to create a little marketplace where I could try to service those clients a bit better without sacrificing distinction, quality or style with their branding solution.

And at the same time, as a brand designer I constantly have ideas that might not be a fit for any of my custom clients at the time but would hit the nail on the head for some hardworking fellow entrepreneur out there in search of the perfect brand. So I thought, maybe…just maybe I can create some pretty awesome brands that are a complete turn key package (from business card designs to cohesive social media collateral) and they will find a forever home with some amazing business owner out there through the creation of The Brand Bar.

Unlike many of the pre-made logos out there, I really wanted to make The Brand Bar Brands only available for purchase by one person/business. So if you find a brand that speaks to you and fits your business, it’s truly yours. And we spend time custom fitting your new brand so it works for you. Most importantly you are purchasing a full brand, not just a logo. From your submarks to your coordinating business cards and social media collateral, we provide a complete and thoughtfully crafted brand package ready for you to use in 10 business days or less. Pretty cool right?

If you are picking up what we are putting down, you can head on over to the site and check out our inventory. If you don’t see anything that fits your vision, please keep checking back as we plan to keep the inventory coming!

12. 2Free Christmas Wallpaper Downloads for your Phone and Desktop

Hey there! Here are a few fun holiday hand lettered wallpaper downloads to help get you in the Christmas spirit – from my desk to yours. The download links are at the bottom of this post. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.


phone:  (white with gold)  |  (red with white)  |  (white with red)

desktop:  (white with gold)  |  (red with white)  |  (white with red)


11. 30Launching 2016 – The Brand Bar By Salted Ink


The concept of The Brand Bar has been running through my mind for quite some time now and I am so pumped to announce the official launch in January. While I absolutely love working through the custom design process with my clients, over time I also noticed a trending need that the custom process didn’t quite address. A lot of potential clients have contacted me over the years that were either too time crunched for the custom branding process, not sure how to explain their vision, had anxiety over the unknown of the custom process, and/or just had a limited budget but still really wanted a thoughtfully designed brand that was cohesively crafted and uniquely theirs.

At the same time, as a brand designer I constantly have ideas that might not be a fit for any of my custom clients at the time but would hit the nail on the head for some hardworking fellow entrepreneur out there in search of the perfect brand. So I thought, maybe…just maybe I can create some pretty awesome brands that are a complete turn key package (from business card designs to cohesive social media collateral) and they will find a forever home with some amazing business owner out there through the creation of The Brand Bar.

So there you have it ladies and gents…The Brand Bar is in the works and set to launch January 20th 2016. There will be a range of brand styles in our initial offering, from hand drawn to modern with designs that will cross many industries. All will be custom fitted to the purchasing client and each brand will only be sold once. My plan is to release new brands each quarter but to be honest I am still hammering out the details and open to your suggestions. More details to be announced as we approach so please sign up on The Brand Bar page to be the first to know when we go live and check back to that same page for updates and sneak peeks!